Academic Education for our youth is the key to our Children's  future and should be considered the new currency.   Conventional education has overcrowded classrooms and educators that are unable to connect with how a student learns.  Our intentions are to meld three concepts of education into the learning environment.

  1. Find out where the disconnect  is in the challenge area, be it Math, Science or Technology and then determine how the individual learns and retains knowledge to enhance his or her skill set in that area of discipline.  
  2. Once we've identified the challenge area, and how a student learn, our educator will begin to tailor his (the student) education and personalize the course just for that individual. We do understand that some students learn Visual, (spatial) or the student prefer  using pictures, images, and spatial understanding. Aural (auditory-musical) or the student may  prefer using sound and music. Verbal (linguistic), the stiudent may prefer using words, both in  speech and writing or Physical (kinesthetic) or the student may prefer using their body, hands  and sense of touch. We understand that there are other methods that will employ  like, Logical (mathematical) the student may prefer using logic, reasoning and systems.  Social (interpersonal) the student may prefer to learn in groups or with other people.
           Solitary (intrapersonal) the student may prefer to work alone and use self-study.  We are able to                accomplish this because of our class size.    Class sizes are  limited to only 10 students.

        3. Each educator will collaborate (Educator's daily conference) on each student and pass his/her                     challenge area on to the next  so as to maximize the learning potential. Through these techniques,             each student will acquire the academic skills as well as social skills needed to be successful