The Right Track Program

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The Right Track Program

The “Right Track” program is a residential program under Desiderata Institute.   It is a charitable development that will advance undeserved and underprivileged youth (ages 14 to 16) through relief by the three “A” concept; Academics, Arts, and Athletics.    We will be instructing the youth in the three major areas that will cultivate them into well rounded, and confident individuals.   

  1. Academic Education for our youth is key to our future and should be considered the new currency.  Our intentions are to meld three concepts of education into the learning environment as well as social skills needed to succeed.

  2. Arts Education was once considered a fundamental staple and an integral part of our culture.   Our intention here is to channel the creative abilities needed to enhance the academic acceptance where the difference is mostly cosmetic in nature.  

  3. Athletics Education is the coordination of the mind and body and where Academic Education and Arts Education are fused culminating in a finely tuned mind and body as well as team building skills.

Through these conceptual repetitions, it is our intention to educate, promote and acclimate our clients by having a thriving, entertaining, and alternative to conventional education.

We have planned several innovative training methodologies. One main focus will be the study of music as studies has proven that music studies improves the ability to concentrate. 

We plan to have a baseball academy as well as other sports interests.  We own the patent to a batting cage which allows batting training and access to statistics. To accomplish the “Right Track” three “A” concept, we must start early in the life of a teenager. These are the teenagers who are moving into the high-risk group in coming years.  


The desiderata institute focuses on mentoring and educating, at risk youth; with the spirit of adoption. Many of our youth find themselves in difficult and challenging situations in life. Living without parental presence or involvement, they are in desperate need of attention, support and most of all love. Oftentimes they are merely housed and fed, with their differing talents and abilities being overlooked, neglected, and unexplored.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of youth who are in foster care in America. Many of them are transferred from house to house, or from family to family; never actually receiving the attentive support and encouragement they need, to pursue and achieve greatness. Once they reach adolescence the chances of them being embraced and adopted by a kind and loving family are slim to none. This can be an extremely disheartening and discouraging way for a child to live.

Desiderata is defined as something that is needed or wanted, a desire, a requirement, or a necessity. It is our desire to meet the needs of these youth with the necessary amount of inspiration, and education to launch them into their aspirations. Some youth, who are in foster care have therapeutic issues. There are those whose parents are deceased, or incarcerated. Others are the children of addicts, abuse, and abandonment. More often than not, the attention they need they do not receive.

The purpose of the institute is to foster the youth into a bright future in which they will be prepared and equipped to maximize their full potential. We aim to individually assess the potential of our youth as we mentor them. Education is not enough, for children growing up in the system. They need counseling, attention, and care as well as food clothing and shelter. Other than academically, we plan to assess other talents and gifts the youth may have, in order to launch them into a prosperous life of the calling.